What is DXFC?

The ‘F’ in DXFC stands for ‘Feet’: countries in which you have stepped foot. This is for licensed radio amateurs who like travelling. We DXers know all about DXCC so this is just our bit of fun. It works with the same 340 current ‘entities’ as defined at http://www.arrl.org/country-lists-prefixes.

You will need to create an account in order to enter your score. Do this by clicking on the Login panel to the right. Once that's done you can enter your DXFC score by clicking on 'Update My DXFC' in the menu above.

Step foot in a DXCC entity (current at the time of the visit) to count one point, even just on the tarmac or jetty is enough. Staying on board while in transit does not count. You don’t need to pass through immigration. That’s it. No more rules! No confirmation required. There is no FAQ: answer your own questions! It’s not complicated - it’s just fun.

Register with your ham radio call-sign and claim your countries by ticking the appropriate boxes. The web-site will even count them up for you. Update whenever you like.

Veni, Vidi, QRV!
There is also a column to score points for being QRV in each entity: preferably a proper operation, but we each have our own rules for this.

Articles and Soapbox
Upload stories, articles and your own blog. Describe your latest contest trips too. Other DXFC'ers are waiting to hear how you got on, what you did, etc.

Updates and Additions...
17 Aug 08 - The prefix for Bosnia-Herzegovina has been updated to E7.

14 Dec 07 - St Barthelemy (FJ) has been added as a new DXCC entity, bringing the total DXFC count to 338.

24 Dec 07 - The prefix for French St Martin has been changed to FS.

31 Dec 10 - New Entities added as follows:
     Curacao - PJ2
     Bonaire - PJ4
     Saba & St Eustatius - PJ5/6
     Sint Maarten - PJ7
The original Netherlands Antilles and Sint Maarten entities are now deleted along with all visits to them in the database. This will align with the ARRL DXCC listing as of 1 Jan 2011. Note that DXFC does not record visits to deleted entities - you can only visit extant entities.

14 Jul 2011 - South Sudan announced as a new DXCC entity and added as ST0 on 1 Aug 2011.

21 Feb 2012 - The prefix for South Sudan has been updated to Z8.

25 Feb 2012 -  R1M - Malyj Vysotskij I. deleted.


Login Panel

DXFC Century Club

Now shows only if updated in last 2 years!

Callsign DXFC
 AB6BH  188
 OH6PN  184
 G3TXF  178
 UA4WHX  176
 LA3FL  148
 GM4AFF  147
 ON6TT  147
 G3SXW  144
 SM7PKK  136
 W3BGN  135
 3GEA  132
 OE3GEA  131
 OF1TD  128
 XE1KK  128
 M0BUE  126
 HP1WW  125
 K4UEE  124
 VE3SUN  118
 LA2PA  117
 EA9IE  117
 G3SWH  116
 K1MM  115
 G3LAS  115
 GM3YTS  113
 KEN DYER  113
 LA9SN  112
 G3LET  110
 F6BEE  109
 RA9USU  107
 OH2AWL  107
 PA0GMM  107
 G3YBO  104
 OK1HH  104
 G3UML  103
 VP9NF  103
 K6EID  102
 W6NV  102
 S53R  100

The latest DXFC addition was United Arab Emirates by OK1HDU on 24th May 2016!